The Top Things Heard in an NFL Game that Sound Dirty

January 9, 2015

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Watch how he pumps once, pumps twice . . . then lets it fly.

I don’t know how he managed to squeeze through a gap that small.

With the right protection, he could do this all day.

When that lane opens up, you gotta pound straight through it.

It’s just one sack after another with this guy.

When the tight end is open like that, you’ve got to take him right down the middle.

You don’t want a guy that big in your face all day. You’ll be sore for the rest of the week.

It looks like he got both feet in.

When you lead with the helmet like that, you’re gonna get called all day.

Once again, they’ve got eight men in the box.

The center needs to take a deep breath, bend over, and relax. He’s got to realize you can’t force it.

What football fan wouldn’t want to get a tip from Tom Brady?

They’ve been nailing the tight end.

He’s been plugging the hole all day!

The Packers are great at coming from behind.

I’m impressed with the long snapper.

Another inch and he would have been in.

He’s totally dominated his man all afternoon.

He’s been double teamed all day.

Man, did he ever explode into that hole.

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